Members’ FAQs

Our most commonly asked questions around membership, shares and share certificates are below. If you have another question that is not covered, please contact us here.

I’ve lost or damaged my share certificate.

To report a share certificate as lost, please contact us here.

Replacement certificates can be requested for any lost or damaged certificates, however these will be electronic only.

What happens if I change my name, address or contact information?

Please contact us here so we can update your membership information and ensure you receive all CCPS communications.

Your share certificate remains valid regardless of the details originally printed. Replacement certificates will be issued for any changes of name, however these will be electronic only.

Can I bequeath my shares?

Each member can nominate for their shares to be bequeathed to one or more persons, or back to the society. To view the society’s Share Withdrawal Policy and Share Nomination Form, click the button below.

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