Community Ownership Fund Update (13 May 2022)

Dear CCPS Members and supporters,

We hope this finds you well. A brief update below:

CCPS is still awaiting a decision on its Round 1B bid to the Government’s Community Ownership Fund (COF). Owing to various factors, some government funding announcements have been delayed. The CCPS Committee received this communication from the COF Team earlier in the week: 

‘We are in the process of finalising decisions on the second tranche of bids and rest assured will be making an announcement in the very near future. I do apologise for the delay in this and unfortunately there is no further update regarding an exact date that I can share at this time.’

The CCPS Committee continues to work behind the scenes in the meantime. 

Thank you all for your patience and support, please keep an eye out for further updates.

Best wishes,

The CCPS Management Committee

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