CCPS Community Ownership Fund Update (25 March 2022)

Dear CCPS Members and supporters,

A brief update from the CCPS Management Committee:

We are still awaiting the outcome of our application to Round 1B of the Community Ownership Fund (COF), which if successful will provide match funding to the same value as the CCPS shareholding of £230,000, plus an additional revenue grant.

We have been in touch with the COF Delivery Lead this morning, who advised us of the following:

‘We are processing applications in two batches for this interim round’ [1B] … ‘The announcements made yesterday were for the first batch.
Rest assured we are considering your application, however owing to emerging and competing Government priorities you are likely to hear back a little later than [initially] indicated….’

The CCPS bid is in the SECOND batch of applications to be processed.

The Department stated in previous email correspondence that decisions in relation to the second batch of Round 1B applications would be ‘released at the end of March/early April’. We hope that the slight delay noted in the COF Delivery Lead’s message above will not be too lengthy, and that we will be in touch again soon with news of the outcome of our bid.

Thanks to all for your continued support and patience while we await the outcome of our COF application.

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