Share Offer Update (1 February 2022)

Dear CCPS Members and Supporters,

An update from the CCPS Management Committee:

– After some minor tweaks and changes to a few members’ investments, we have now received share purchase *payments* totalling our £230,000 target!

– Our share certificates have been designed and will be printed and distributed soon. Please remember that the certificate is not a legal document/proof of investment but rather a complimentary token of your share purchase.
REQUEST: If you purchased shares as a gift for someone else, please contact us to confirm the name and value to be included on each share certificate.

– The CCPS committee are busy improving our Community Ownership Fund (COF) application following a useful feedback meeting with the COF team.

– Our COF reapplication will be submitted in February. Having our match funding ‘in the bank’ should be attractive to the bid assessors.

In the meantime, please keep visiting the The Countryman’s and supporting Lisa and the current management team. It really is a case of ‘use it or lose it’. Please get in touch with Lisa if you have any ideas for additional activities at the pub!

Community ownership seems more achievable than ever and we’re excited for the next few months!

Thanks to all for your continued support.

The CCPS Management Committee

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