Renovations Update

You will all, no doubt, be aware of the various works and renovations taking place at our pub. But we thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a more detailed, and joined up report on progress.

After purchasing the Countryman’s Inn on the 9th September 2022 we had more detailed survey work done and began to formulate a plan for renovation work.

We started with some minor maintenance work – including repairing and painting the bay windows – as well as emptying the pub of waste and having a good clear out.

We contracted Richard Howard to re point the gable end of the pub as well as carry out some essential brickwork to the kitchen’s external walls.

Richard Tunstall (Yorkstone Builders) was contracted to re-board and insulate the flooring in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor.

Dave Gibson has installed some new UPVC windows at the front on the first floor as well as in the restaurant. He’s also installed a new side door and cellar doors.

Since then, we have been focussing on with the biggest job – the kitchen renovation. After seeking advice and getting quotes from various suppliers, it was decided that Wards of York would provide and fit the kitchen. However significant works needed to be completed for this to take place.

So in early January the kitchen was closed and became a building site. The first job was to empty the kitchen and store everything on the 2nd floor. Thanks to a group of enthusiastic volunteers this was done in no time, and we also managed to remove the units that weren’t plumbed in.

The following week the gas, water and electric were all disconnected, and the walls stripped back to brick.

We have re-wired the electrics, and re-plumbed the water and gas to meet the requirements of the new kitchen design.

The new kitchen will have 2 under counter fridges (labels 5&6), a cooker, griddle, fryer and pizza oven (labels 9,10,12&14) with the pot wash area being in the corner again (labels 2&3).

With the electrics completed, the walls were insulated and boarded out with plywood or fireproof construction board. Then, with the help of our friendly neighbour Mark, the ceiling was plastered ready for the new ventilation system. The kitchen began to look like a room again!

The walls have had hygienic plastic cladding put up, so the kitchen will be easy to keep clean, and Hudspeths flooring have installed a new kitchen floor. Plus Vincent has made good the roof ready for the ventilation.

Brian Wylie has brought the large bay windows back to life (something bordering on a miracle), plus he’s ‘lifted’ all the new tables so they work to be sat at, and he’s overseen the internal decoration.

So the next steps are to get the ventilation system installed and the kitchen fitted out. Plus the store room needs some work. But as I hope you can see, progress has been good.

Other news is that we have applied to Richmondshire District Council for some matched funding – £20k in total – which is earmarked for what was initially flagged as stage two works. Specifically refitting the 2nd floor rooms (new en suites, insulation etc) and some works around disabled access (grab rails in the toilets etc). So we are hopeful we are successful with this application.

Plus you will also have seen on Facebook that redecoration of the bar area is in full stream!

So, it’s been a busy couple of months, but we think we’re finally getting there. We should express our thanks to those  that have worked really hard and given up their time.

We’re continuing to fundraise and look at raising further funds through various sources so more work can be done. Plus we will, no doubt, be looking at further volunteer sessions.

All works completed, and those still to do, have been completed within the overall budget. We will provide a full breakdown of costs at the AGM, but in the meantime we will post an update soon on what’s been spent to date and what’s about to be spent (our biggest bill will be the kitchen fitting, at c£36k, which is obviously yet to be paid).

If you have any questions regarding the renovation please feel free to ask us.

Thank you for you continued support.

Countryman’s Community Pub Society Limited

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