Share Offer Update (15 December 2021)

Dear CCPS supporters,

Share purchases have risen since our last update and so far, we have sold shares totalling a value of £170,150. Our minimum shareholding requirement is £210,000, with an optimal target of £230,000. We therefore need to raise at least a further £40,000+ before the share offer closes on 20th December 2021.

So, WE STILL NEED YOUR INVESTMENT! The minimum share purchase value is £500 and the maximum is £20,000. We welcome applications from anyone who is interested in securing the future of The Countryman’s Inn. If we are not successful in acquiring the pub, your investment will be returned in full.

If the community buyout is unsuccessful, it is very likely that The Countryman’s Inn will close in 2022, and possibly never reopen as a pub. This would be devastating for Hunton, Arrathorne and the outlying areas, and truly diminish the community dynamic of the village. The loss of the only village pub would also have potential implications for the value of property in Hunton. Under community ownership, however, there is huge potential for The Countryman’s Inn to strengthen and diversify local community initiatives, as well as continuing to serve as our local pub and social hub.

You can find the full CCPS share offer prospectus and business plan at These documents have been awarded the Standard Mark by the Community Shares Unit – a recognition of the Society’s adherence to national standards of best practice and due diligence. We have put stringent measures and contingency plans in place to protect our shareholding members.

So come on, be a part of something great, by investing today to help save The Countryman’s Inn!

As always, please contact us with any queries, no matter how big or small.

With our thanks and warmest regards,

The Countryman’s Community Pub Society Management Committee

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