Share Offer is Coming!

Dear CCPS supporters,

Exciting times ahead for Countryman’s Community Pub Society, the pub and our supporters!

Our community share offering will launch on FRIDAY 26th NOVEMBER 2021! The share offer will run until 20th December or until our maximum threshold of £230,000 is reached, whichever is sooner. 

For those who have already ‘pledged in principle’ for share investment, there is an exclusive window of availability from launch on 26th November until 23:59 on 30th November. From 1st December onwards (until the share offer closes), shares will be available to anyone who would like to invest. Please spread the word far and wide! 
Everyone is welcome to join us for the launch events:

  • Online information meeting on Thursday 25th November at 8pm. If you are receiving this email, you will be provided with the Zoom link on the day. 
  • Please also join us to celebrate the share offer launch on Friday 26th November from 7:30pm in The Countryman’s Inn. Committee members will be on hand for Q&A. 
  • You can also stop by the pub on Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th between 4pm-9pm to catch one of us for a chat. 

Our website is now LIVE! Visit for information about the society, our purpose and our share offer! For optimal viewing please visit the website on your desktop browser (or view mobile version in landscape!).

Our full share offer prospectus and business plan will be available from launch day on the website. Paper copies of both documents will be available for perusal at the pub. If you know anyone who would like a paper copy of our share offer application, please let us know and we will deliver one. 

Our new public Facebook page is also live! Please ‘like’ and share with your networks:

Looking forward to seeing lots of you next week!

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