Share Offer & Business Plan

Community Shares Standard Mark

The Community Shares Standard Mark has been awarded to the Share Offer listed on this page. It is not awarded to the society as whole.

The Community Shares Standard Mark is awarded by the Community Shares Unit to offers that meet national standards of good practice. These standards ensure that:

• The offer document and application form are easy to understand
• You are provided with all the facts you need to make an informed decision
• The facts are supported by the annual accounts and/or business plan for the society
• Nothing in the documents is purposefully incorrect, confusing or misleading

Societies are asked to sign a Code of Practice requiring them, among other things, to give the public a right of complaint to the Community Shares Unit.

For more information about community shares, the Community Shares Standard Mark and the Community Shares Unit go to:

Business Plan & Share Offer

Our full business plan and share prospectus are now accessible below.

Please note, the share offer application window is now closed as our target has been met.

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